Casino Table Games with the Best Odds to Win

You cannot play every game in the casino and dream about winning a jackpot. Jackpots are rare, and you can only have high chances of winning it on the games with the best odds or least house edge. 

Here are some top table games with the best winning odds: 

1: Blackjack: 1% House Edge

So far, Blackjack is the most famous table game with the best odds of winning and a minimal house edge of as low as 1%. The 1% house edge means this table game has a 1% advantage to the dealer, whereas players have a 99% chance to win.  

However, if you don’t have a good strategy, you can face a house edge of 2%-3%, which is still not as bad as other games with a 5% house edge. But this game is not like others where you come, gamble, check your luck and win or lose. This game is a pure game of strategy, and you cannot master it or win a jackpot unless you know how to play it well.

2: Baccarat: 1.09% House Edge

After Blackjack, the table game with more winning odds in Baccarat. This table game has a very high payout chance. A higher payout means a higher wager and, ultimately, much money to lose if you don’t play well. Casinos mostly offer Baccarat with a 1.09% house edge. 

3: Craps: 1.41% House Edge

Unlike other games, Craps has a set of house edges varying from 0% – 10%  depending on where and how you play. While playing craps, zero house edge will be for the Odds bets, 1.41% house edge for the Pass Line bet, and 10% house edge for the proposition of 2 and 12 bets. 

4: Roulette: 2.7% House Edge

Roulette is the fourth casino table game with the best odds. Though this game offers different odds, the house edge on average is the same. Roulette has two playing methods, the American and European versions. 

5: Pai Gow Poker: 2.84% House Edge

The Pai Gow poker has a 2.84% house edge. In this game, the player is bound to the bank; otherwise, he will be playing against the house rules. Pai Gow’s edge mostly comes from losing a player’s tie to a bank, and 5% commission is subtracted from the winning hands. Moreover, the players can also lower the house edge more by choosing the bank. 

Pai Gow is a very risky game, but it also has a very high payout. Therefore, this game is loved by risk-takers. 

6: Three Card Poker: 3.37% House Edge

Unlike other old casino games, Three Card Poker is comparatively new. Within a few years, this game gained massive popularity due to its high profitability. It has various betting options, making it easier for the players to play and not demanding huge attention and decision-making. 

When the players win, they get bets and even money in three poker games, but players lose all the chances when the dealer wins. 

7: Caribbean Stud Poker: 5.2% House Edge

Caribbean stud poker, also referred to as Casino stud poker, has an average house edge of 5.2%. The five-card stud poker has derived the rules for this game, but you play against the house instead of players in Caribbean stud poker. You can neither bluff nor use other deceptive tactics in this game. 

Games of all kinds have two kinds of outcomes either you win or lose. And about the casino games, even if you play games with the lowest house edges or best Odds, you will sometimes face loss. Therefore, never blame the game. Know your strategy, concentrate, and play well.