Common Blackjack Hand Signals

Basic and Advanced Hand Signals Commonly Used in Blackjack

While you can simply call out your plays by saying “hit me” or “I’ll stand,” there are universal hand signals in 21 that casino dealers will read as your official play. Make sure not to fool around with your hands if you aren’t using these signals lest you mistakenly signal a play you don’t mean to make.

“Hit” Hand Signal

To signal a hit, simply tap twice behind your cards.

Hand signal for a hit in Blackjack

“Stand” Hand Signal

If you want to stand, wave your hand horizontally over your cards.

Hand signal for standing in Blackjack

“Split” Hand Signal

To split a pair, make a triangle with your index and middle fingers behind your cards.

Hand signal for splitting a pair in Blackjack

Signaling That You Want To “Double Down”

Since a double down requires an extra bet, placing the additional chips next to your opening bet will signal your intentions. The double-down card is placed horizontally on your other cards to signal that your turn is over.

Hand signal for doubling down in Blackjack

Signaling A “Surrender”

Surrendering is sometimes signaled by lightly scratching your index finger horizontally across the felt in front of your cards. However, this is not a universal signal, so it’s best to vocally declare a surrender to make sure the dealer doesn’t mistake it for a hit signal.

Benefits of Using Hand Signals in Blackjack

Whether you are playing Blackjack or are dealing Blackjack at home or in a professional setting, the use of hand signals does have its’ benefits. It speeds up the game a bit, and is also kind of way to know which players at the table are experienced and which ones are beginners.