A Quick History of Roulette  

Historically Roulette was created by a genius French inventor, physicist, and mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1665 when he attempted to create a perpetual motion machine. Its failure led to Roulette’s creation, which became the king of casinos in Europe and later on in America. It is one of those fun table games which people play in Casinos as part of gambling. Moreover, it was named after the French word “Little Wheel”. Roulette has two different variations known as the Traditional European variation, a single 0 (zero) slot, and the Traditional American variation with both single and double 00 (zero) slots.

Evolution of Roulette 

Blaise Pascal was a great fond of gambling who knew how to create his version of the wheel while looking into other famous games of 17th century Europe. Those games were called ‘Roly Poly’ and Even-Odd. As a result, Pascal gave the world a Roulette that has brought revolution in gambling. Originated in Europe, it has successfully traveled across the Atlantic ocean to dominate the American Casinos. Besides this, strict gambling laws in Europe in the late 18th century prevented people from taking part in gambling activities. But the kind of Monaco – facing severe financial challenges – opened numerous gambling houses where Roulette was introduced to alleviate the crumbling economic crises. Thus, the game gained a wider audience among the elites and aristocrats. 

Rise of Roulette in Europe 

Initially, Roulette had a single 0 slot, which dropped the house edge to 2.7% and double 00 slots, giving the house a 5.26% edge. By 1842, the two brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc removed the dual 00 pockets which led to the invention of what we now call the European Roulette. By this time, gambling was made illegal in France, which compelled Francois and Louis Blanc to move the game to Hamburg Germany to introduce their new Roulette game to the gamblers. The popularity of the game grew and spread throughout Europe. After several years, Francois and Louis Blanc brought back the Roulette to France on the invitation of Charles III of Monaco. They established the world’s first famous and luxurious  Monte Carlo Casino Resort. This resort attracted Europe’s richest and most famous people to reintroduce them to Roulette’s game. They enjoyed playing this single 0 slot Roulette game, which became extremely popular throughout Europe. 

Roulette Taking America by Storm

Roulette’s game was introduced in America by the European settlers who landed in Louisiana in the 19th century. As a result, Roulette spread like wildfire in American Casinos. But the American Casino owners rejected the single 0 Roulette version. They reintroduced the double 00 Roulette version, which was unanimously accepted in America to get the higher house edge. Today, it is known as the American Roulette. 

The introduction of European and American Roulette to Casinos revolutionized the world of gambling from the early 17th century to till date. Many people started playing Roulette with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout Europe and America because it introduced them to the new version of gambling in the Casinos. Besides this, today, Roulette is the famous ornament of the gambling world where people are fond of playing it with vigor for making money.