How to Become a Blackjack Dealer

If you are a Blackjack fan and would like to spend your time inside the casino as a Blackjack dealer, then it is important to learn the basic rules including the additional rules for Blackjack dealers. Prior to becoming a professional Blackjack dealer, it is advisable to observe how it is being done first. If you’re in the casino, then having a good observation throughout the game would help you to understand how the rules run. But if you want to understand it perfectly and become a professional Blackjack dealer, undergoing training related to this profession is highly recommended.

If you wish to become a Blackjack dealer in the casino or you would like to start playing Blackjack at home, then learning the basics is the first step. Understanding the rules, how it is being played, and other things related to this card game must be fully understood. To give you an idea on how to become an expert Blackjack dealer, then keep in touch on the next discussions. This article will give you some tips and pieces of information pertaining to this job.

Tips on How to Become a Professional Blackjack Dealer

Here are some tips and considerations which you need to take when you’re planning to become a Blackjack dealer:

Find a Dealer School

This would be the first step that you need to when planning to become a Blackjack dealer. As far as going to dealer schools is concerned, there are two options which you may choose. If you plan to work at some larger casinos, then the company may opt to send you to their schools. Their school teaches some dealer techniques which will be useful when you’re already in the actual game. These techniques and tricks are quite specific to the casino group. However, you may also learn some basics about Blackjack playing. Of course, you need to pass the examination for you to successfully graduate from this school.

On the other hand, you may also opt to find your own dealer school. Since there are numerous dealer schools in the country, you can probably find the right one for you. Undergoing this training to explore all things which you should need to learn about Blackjack may last for about 4-6 weeks. When you have successfully graduated from this course, then perhaps your school may help you find the best job suited for you.

Dealer schools would teach you how to play and deal Blackjack. Aside from that, they will give you the opportunity to learn other types of games in the casino. This would be beneficial for you, especially if you want to explore different games in the casino. So, you will learn some lessons on casino pits, customer relations, and even hierarchy management at the casino ground.

Find a Blackjack Dealer Job

Perhaps you may be thinking about what to do next after you successfully graduated from a specific dealer school. It would be advisable to start your search at quite smaller casino groups across the country. Of course, it is essential to have an experience first on smaller casino groups before you plan to enter some bigger casinos. All dealers must be well-equipped with knowledge pertaining to the existing rules in the casino. This will be your starting point to gain extra experience and learn everything on the casino floor. So, if you’re planning to apply and work at larger casino groups in the country, the small casinos will help you to build your skills and potential.

Practice Your Job

If a specific casino company hires you, the first requirement that you must comply with is to acquire a dealer license from the state. Different requirements are being asked depending on specific states. Generally, your fingerprints will be taken. Then, you will undergo background checking. In addition to that, you must take and pass the exam to acquire such a license.

Once you have already your dealer license, then looking for a job at the casino as a Blackjack dealer would be possible. You will then start to receive a minimum wage, depending on the casino company. Sometimes, tips from your customers are quite higher than your salary.

Learn the Actual Job of Blackjack Dealer

As a dealer of Blackjack, you need to know all processes in the casino. During the actual job, you will be given a uniform to wear while inside the casino. The boss will also tell you which table you will serve to start your shift. Generally, dealers work for about 8-12 hours for every shift. It is advisable to wear the most comfortable shoes you have since you’’ be standing on your feet for a longer period.

With these things and tips which were mentioned above, it is expected that you have already an idea of how to become a Blackjack dealer in your future days. Just be confident that you can learn both basics and all processes inside the casino, and you will surely get the profession which you want in the future.

Skills and Qualifications Needed to Become a Blackjack Dealer

Skills, qualifications, and extensive knowledge about being a Blackjack dealer are some essential things that may bring you up to your dream job. It is also important that you possess good qualities or attributes towards work since these also help in attaining your goals in the future. These qualities that you should possess are the following:

  • Excellent communication — Best dealers in the casinos must have a strong communication level. It is vital to learn the best things to say and respond to the customer’s needs and queries once you’re already on the actual job. Communication with your customers directly clearly, and with good authority is something which the best dealer should possess.
  • Interpersonal skills — Even though Blackjack deals with responsibility and control, you should always bear in your mind that you are a Blackjack dealer and not a specific type of robot. You also need to learn how the guests can feel comfortable and with ease while they are playing the game. Give them the convenience which they want to provide more fun while playing and trying to beat the dealer (you).
  • Analytical thinking — Since Blackjack is a card game of chance and numbers, you also need to be knowledgeable in Mathematics. This will keep you on the game’s track. Part of the analytical thinking skills that you should have is to know if there are some potential threats to the game’s integrity.
  • Customer service — As a dealer of Blackjack in a specific casino group, you must have excellent customer service. Sometimes, there are some customers who may come in your front and directly raise their concerns or complaints. If this is the scenario, then make sure that you’re always calm and ready to provide solutions to their problem. Show some empathy to the customers or guests since this is one of the essential elements towards success in the company.

These skills and qualifications are necessary to become a professional Blackjack dealer in the casino. Make sure that you possess all these traits and you learn everything about the rules as a Blackjack dealer prior to starting your actual job in a specific casino group. As much as possible, try to learn more about different casino games since this may also provide an impact on your job while working in the company.