How to Deal Blackjack at Home

Blackjack is a well-known card game where the player tries to have the cards totaling closer to the 21 than the dealer. It is a simple game that has multiple players compared to craps, roulette, and baccarat combined. If you plan to learn how to deal Blackjack at home, simply consider this article your guide.

Tips When Dealing Blackjack Home Games

Playing Blackjack at home is not an easy one as it is a game of luck mixed with strategic schemes. To give you some tips on what to consider while playing this game, here they are:

  1. Know the Basics of Blackjack

When it says learn or know the basics of Blackjack, it means that you need to learn how the game works. This game can be played with the use of one to eight decks of cards. But, you have to take note that this deck of cards is a multiple of twos. It means that you can solely play with two, four, six, and eight decks.  In case you are playing in bigger venues like casinos, a special shuffling device is commonly used before dealing with these cards.

In single or two-deck Blackjack games, the dealer is responsible for dealing the cards to other players while the multi-deck games utilize a special tray. This special tray is often called a “shoe” for dealing cards.

  1. Identify the Objective of the Game

The main objective of this game is for a player to beat any dealers. You will win the game if your cards go higher compared to what the dealer has. However, see that your total number is not more than 21, or else you will lose the game.

  1. Learn about Card Values.

This game focused not on the suit of the cards, be it spades, clubs, diamonds, or hearts. It mainly focuses more on its card’s face value. Queens, tens, kings, and jacks have a value of ten. However, the ace card is usually valued at one or eleven while other cards are numbered at their specific face values.

  1. Playing Blackjack at Home vs. Playing at Casinos.

When playing Blackjack at home or with your friends, the cards will be dealt facing down. Then, you will pick your own cards to check their respective values. This scheme is not the same when you are playing at casinos. Why? It is because the cards are often dealt by the shoe, having the cards face up. In addition, you are not permitted to touch any cards when you are playing at casinos.

Another difference is that playing Blackjack at home is intended for fun while playing this game at a casino is playing for money.  When you are at home and playing with your colleagues or family, you can utilize a table or anywhere you want. But there is a special Blackjack table that the players in the casinos strictly use.  This table has a semi-circle shape, and each player is given a square or circle on the table.

Playing Blackjack at home or even at casinos has a huge difference. Wherever you want to play, just make sure that you are aware of its basic steps and strategies. When you are in casinos, you have a chance to get your own betting area where you can put the chips before the game begins. Now, you can apply the same scheme in any ordinary game depending on your agreement with other players and dealers as well.

Exploring How to Deal Blackjack

Blackjack is a gambling game where you have to improve your strategic schemes to win. But, since it is also a game of luck, you have to be more careful with your actions. Playing as the dealer is just like playing in a regular way, but with additional tasks like handing out chips and cards. Provided with enough knowledge on how to play this game, it will be easy for you to deal with this game and have fun.

Here are top ways on how to deal Blackjack at home:

  1. Shuffle and Cut the Deck of Cards — Simply take the cards from the box and start shuffling them together. Utilize several techniques like overhand or riffle shuffles to make sure that the cards are completely randomized. Afterward, ask another player to put a red cut card in the middle of the deck and split it.

In case you are playing with a huge group, it is best to combine up to six or eight decks to change the odds of this gambling game. As a tip, if you have a card shoe, just set the cards inside, facing it down, and easy to pull from the slit.

  1. Allow the Players to Put their Bets for their Hands — Have the players set their bets, especially if you are on a Blackjack table. Then, just until every player has either put their chips for the bet or until they opt to leave the area. See to it that you will not deal with any cards before they place their bets.
  2. Deal one card face-up to every player from left to right — Just pull a single card from the top and slide it to the first person to your left side. Then, flip the card face-up while sliding it. Afterward, keep giving one card to every player from left to right.
  3. Deal with the Players’ Cards — Do this by learning the values of the cards. Through this, it is easy for you to add them together. Face cards are worth ten cards numbered two to ten are worth their made values and aces can either count as one to eleven.
  4. Understanding Folding — Folding is the way of dropping out a hand. After folding, you can no longer win the hand. It can only be done at any point to present your cards.
  5. Know the Betting — Betting is not needed in casual games. However, it adds an extra edge to Blackjack, depending on its bet value. There is a minimum bet that every player must get into to join the game, and each of them must agree upon the said minimum bet.


When learning to deal Blackjack, you have to practice first. This is needed, especially when you placed a bet while playing at home or even in casinos. Simply practice your shuffle skills, and then start practicing your card totals. In most cases, the hardest part will be counting your overall point total and recognizing when to hit your hand. So, make sure to practice dealing with your actions. The more you practice, the faster and better you will become.

The only way for you to become a successful Blackjack player is to take the time to learn its process and practice it. It means that you have to practice its basic tactic. Usually, it will take you more than five hours to memorize it. Just keep in mind that playing strategy will not make you rich. However, it will assist you in winning the game.

Are you excited to play Blackjack at home? Then, invite your friends and improve your moves. In case you play in casinos with bigger bets, you have a huge chance of winning the game.